Where does the time go?

Time to revive this (as if it were ever really going).

So in 2013, I learned to knit.  And I ran a marathon!  Well I finished.  I’m going to tackle it again someday and hopefully get a better time.  I made new friends who run too.  Finally people to get out and do active stuff with.  I made some quilts and joined a guild.  I’ve been blessed to be able to travel to incredible places.  I’m sure there’s lots more.

And so much more exciting stuff to come.

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From The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life – Amby Burfoot

When I was you, I thought courage began with a capital C.  It always involved swashbuckling heroes who appeared in history books or adventure movies.  Somebody usually died in these stories, but many others were saved by the hero’s Courage.  Without it, Freedom, Democracy or Independence or some other word that also begins with a capital letter would have been lost.

Growing up has changed by views on courage.  I still honor our heroes, particularly those who have fought to sustain important ideals.  But I’ve also come to believe that, more often than not, courage begins with a small c.  And it doesn’t turn into a major book or Hollywood marketing campaign.

In fact, courage is available to all of us.  We don’t have to be standing on the precipice of history – at a time and place when momentous social forces collide.  We only have to look ourselves full face in the mirror.  Most acts of courage do nothing more than change the life of the person who summons it.  Which, of course, is everything.  

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Wow, today was humbling

I know I haven’t been as active as I would like, but still.  The scale has not been kind. In some ways even more sad to me is my loss of fitness.  Just 6 months ago, a 10 mile run was no big deal.  I tried my yoga video and my muscles were screaming.  I’m going to try to not let my expectations hold me back.  This is going to be tough though.  All I can think about is “why did I slack off”?  I’m going to pay the price for that.  And I always know I will but still.   I’m in a bit of denial.  

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Why this?

OK.  So everyone and their mother has a blog now, right?  So why bother because, the likelihood that anyone will actually read this is pretty slim.  The reason is for me.  Every year I look back at the year, season, whatever and say what the hell did I do that whole time?  I mean, yeah I must have done some laundry somewhere.  And taken a few naps (naps are awesome).  But what else.  I start out with good intentions to do something really awesome and then I wonder where the time went.  

Now, to be fair, I’m sure I’m not as much a slacker as I sound.  In fact, a number of people have commented that I seem to do a lot.  But I’m a perfectionist, what can I say?  Add to that the fact that we might actually try to start a family sometime in 2013 and I feel the clock ticking.  

So to help reduce my slackerness and to convince myself I’ve had some fun, I’m going to blog about it.  Joy to the internet!

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